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"Taran Tactical Innovations™ 2011 Combat Master is the culmination of the ultimate competition pistol platform combined with master levels of tuning to create a handgun like no other.

This is a Prototype Variant of the pistol featured in the 2019 film John Wick 3: Parabellum, currently only being in Taran's hands in the real steel world , but now one can own the Airsoft version !

The Island barrel version with a large milled rib on top, and a corresponding area milled out of the slide. This rib contains the front sight. Since the front sight doesn’t move, it’s easier to track through recoil.

It also means there’s less slide mass, which means less reciprocating weight, which reduces felt recoil. The slide has also been “tri-topped”, which means it has a trapezoidal top cross section instead of the usual round one.

This reduces weight and looks good. There are also aggressive looking front and rear slide cocking serrations, plus some slide windows to show off the barrel finish, reduce weight, and looks cool.

Data sheet

Weight (g)1100 g  
Length (mm)230 mm  
MaterialAluminum Alloy,
Gas TypeTop Gas, Green Gas
Fire ModeFull & Semi Auto
Blowback ActionGas Blowback
Hop-Up TypeAdjustable
Capacity (Rounds)30 Rds  
Bullet Type (g BBs)6 mm  

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