【Product Details】
・Material: Aluminum alloy
・Body weight: Approximately 280 g
・Total weight (including packaging): about 360g
・Product dimensions (length x width x height): total length about 220mm, total width about 58mm, total height about 58mm
・Package size:
・Compatible product manufacturer, model: S&T M203 series

M203 type full metal grenade launcher barrel tube single item, mini size.
Please use it for replacing the barrel length of the S&T M203 series.
After moving the barrel tube all the way forward, you can detach the barrel by pushing the lock lever at the top of the frame.

*This product is a single barrel tube for S&T M203 replacement. An M203 frame is required separately.
*Spare cartridges for Tokyo Marui M320 cannot be used.
*Adjustment and processing may be required during installation.
*Launcher cartridge is not included. Please purchase separately.
*Processing and adjustment may be required depending on the manufacturer of the launcher cartridge.