● Manufacturing: Tokyo Marui
- Product name: AK102
- Product number: TMEG32
-Total length: 848mm / 602mm (when stock is folded)
●Weight: 2,900g (including battery)
-Number of bullets: 470 rounds (equipped with rapid-fire magazine)
- Bullet: 6mm BB bullet
- Compatible battery: 8.4v mini battery (sold separately)

[Manufacturer description]
The AK102, which uses 5.56mm NATAO bullets, is an overseas export model of the latest AK100 series that uses many resin parts.
Equipped with a mounting rail that allows various optional parts to be mounted on a body that is unified in black, and a trendy large flash hider.
Lined up in a more modern custom style.
Highly expandable AK102 with compact but powerful power. Especially in CQB (= close combat), it is a model that you can experience its ability.