full length:
[With silencer] 800 mm / 880 mm (when the stock is extended)
[No silencer] 715 mm / 790 mm (when the stock is extended)
Weight: 3,700 g (including silencer 163 g, empty magazine and battery)
Gun length: 275 mm
Power source: SOPMOD battery (not included)
Number of bullets: 82 rounds
Model name: DEVGRU Custom HK416D

[From the manufacturer]
The custom assault carbine used by the US Navy SEAL Team 6 "DEVGRU" has been reproduced as the next-generation electric gun "DEVGRU Custom" at Tokyo Marui.
Taking advantage of the expandability of the HK416D, set up various SOCOM parts such as silencers and backup sights. It is finished in a professional style that enhances practicality and operability.