The AK47 can be said to be the origin of the AK series, which has a wide variety of variations. The AK47 produced in the former Soviet Union is classified into three types from type I to type III due to differences in manufacturing methods and specifications.
The next-generation electric gun AK47 reproduces the most produced AK47 III type.
Equipped with a new auto stop system that was not found in the conventional next-generation electric gun AK series, we are particular about reproducibility and operability, such as improving the texture and refining the internal mechanism.

-Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
- Total length: 875 mm
- Gun height: 300mm
●Weight: 3,115g (including empty magazine and battery)
Power source: 8.4v mini battery (stored inside the handguard)
-Number of bullets: 90 rounds (included with main unit)