【Product Details】
・Material: Lower resin/Upper metal
・ Full length: Approximately 632 - 700 mm (at the time of stock expansion and contraction)
・ Weight: Approximately 3,270 g
・Number of attached magazines: Standard MP5 magazine, spring-fed, 130 rounds
・6.3inch M-LOK hand guard
・Variable Hop Up
・Electronic trigger system "E.T.U. (Electric Trigger Unit)" installed

It will be a modernized MP5 equipped with M-LOK parts.

≪Battery connection method for models equipped with E.T.U.≫
1. After confirming the safety of the surroundings and confirming that the BB bullet is not loaded, set the selector to "Full Auto".
Then connect the battery without touching the trigger.
2. When the battery is connected, an electronic sound (1 sound) will sound and the LED around the base of the trigger will light up.

* An error melody will play when an error occurs.
*A malfunction may occur if the selector is operated at the moment the trigger is pulled.