【Product Details】
・Material: Aluminum
・ Product dimensions: total length about 83.5mm x diameter about 34.3mm
・Compatibility: 14mm reverse screw or 11mm normal screw
・Accessories: Charging cable (TYPE-B) / 11mm positive screw conversion adapter for handgun
・Built-in battery: Lithium ion battery

The power button is located at the rear end of the tracer, and "ON/OFF" switches each time it is pressed.
When the power is turned on, the button lights green for a moment, and when it is turned off, the UV light and LED light flash.
Mode switching is possible by pressing and holding the power button for about 3 seconds while the power is off.

Mode 1: Both phosphorescent BB bullets and muzzle flash light up
Mode 2: Only glowing BB bullets light up
* In order to make the BB bullets emit light, a dedicated phosphorescent BB bullet (tracer BB bullet), which is sold separately, is required.