[Product Details]
-Material: Aluminum alloy    
-Weight: Approx. 107 g    
-Size: Overall length approx. 83 mm x Overall width approx. 30 mm x Overall height approx. 54 mm    
-Power: CR2032 button battery x 1
-Brightness adjustment: Automatic (with power switch ON / OFF)
-Reticle: Red / Green
/ Reticle pattern: Master / Cross, Mole, Cross, Saturn
/ 20mm rail compatible

You can change the reticle (4 types) by switching the lever at the rear of the main unit.
There is a lighting switch and an optical sensor on the front of the main unit, and it is designed to automatically adjust the brightness of the reticle.
* It will be completely dark, but it is not completely off (OFF).
 When turning off the reticle display, be sure to turn it off with the power switch.