Goggles with fan

You can switch the strength of the fan in two stages just by pressing the switch. Since the inside of the lens with anti-fog (anti-fog) is constantly ventilated, the goggles do not fog even in hot weather.

Cuts UV rays

The glass part is UV400 coated lens specification. It also blocks strong UV rays in the summer.

Face guard standard equipment

The face guard attached to the goggles covers the entire face. It is a shape that is easy to aim at even if it is attached to the stock.

Wide-angle wide lens adopted

Wide-angle goggles that can be worn while wearing glasses ensure a wide field of view.

3 colors

Choose from three colors: standard black, coyote brown for enhanced camouflage in desert areas, and ranger green for use in vegetation fields.

Basic information

■ Equipped with electric turbo fan

■ UV400 coated lens

Continuous operation time [LOW mode] Approx. 150 hours / [Hi mode] Approx. 50 hours

Compatible with head sizes of 55 cm and above * 1

Power source 2 AAA alkaline batteries * 2

* 1: Cannot be used by persons with a head size of 54 cm or less.

* 2: Please purchase the battery separately.