A coating with excellent anti-fogging/scratch resistance that has passed the options [N] and [K] of the EN166 standard, which is said to be difficult to pass.
Boley Safety's proprietary super-hydrophilic platinum coating, which has excellent anti-fog and scratch resistance, suppresses negative factors such as cloudy visibility and susceptibility to scratches, making an uncomfortable work site comfortable.
・It won't get cloudy even if you apply the above with a steamer for about 2 minutes.
・Difficult to generate fog due to sudden temperature changes
・Coating that is resistant to wiping with disinfectant (75% ethanol)
・Long-lasting anti-fogging effect even after autoclave sterilization
・Double-sided lens coating 【Lens】
・2.2mm polycarbonate
・Platinum coating on both sides of the lens
・99.99% UV385 - clear lens
・Lens: PC - 2.2mm base curve 9
・Frame: PC
・Temple: PC + TPR
・Strap: None