HK416 custom model black color by Delta Force.
■ Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
■Body color: Black
■ Overall length: 711 mm / 787 mm (when the stock is extended)
■ Gun height: 275 mm
■Weight: 3,365g (additional rail x3, empty magazine, battery included)
A bullet: 6mm BB (0.2-0.28g)
Power source: SOPMOD battery
■ Number of bullets: 82 shots
Equipped with shoot & recoil engine
■Equipped with auto stop system
Equipped with a variable hop-up system
■ Full-auto (continuous) / semi-auto (single-shot) switching type

Special Forces Delta Force, whose existence has been confirmed, but many of which are still mysterious.
The black color version of the "HK416 Delta Custom" they use is now available!
Distinctive and slim Guysley type rail hand guard, receiver, grip and stock are also unified in black.