Manufacturer: CYMA
Overall length: 930mm
Weight: 1,600g
Material: ≪ABS / Resin≫
   Frame/Fore end/Stock etc.
  Outer barrel, etc.
Capacity: 30 rounds (within 1 shell)
Actuation method: pump action air cocking
Accessories: Shot shell type magazine x 1
BB loader
    Side shell holder (6 row type)
    Fixing screws x 2
    Hex wrench

- Simultaneous firing of 3 shots
Equipped with fixed HOP-UP
●Rapid fire possible
Magpul type It is a shotgun equipped with a fore end and stock as standard equipment.
A mechanism (rapid fire) that can shoot quickly by pulling the cocking lever while the trigger is pulled is also possible.
The shot shell is compatible with Marui, A & K, S & T products. Part number :