【Product Details】
・Material: Aluminum alloy
・Body weight: Approximately 980 g
・Total weight (package included): about 1310g
・Product dimensions (length x width x height): total length about 315mm, total width about 58mm, total height about 105mm
・Package size:
・Compatible product manufacturers and models
Standard M16/M4 type airsoft gun
Various types of RAS/RIS with 20mm rails
Various 40mm launcher carts such as UFCCART01/05

There is a safety lever in the trigger part, and if you push it to the trigger side, it will be safe, and if you push it forward, it will be possible to fire.
By pushing the lever on the left side and advancing the barrel tube, you can load and eject 40mm type launcher cartridges up to about 120mm in length.