Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Overall length: 920 mm (with stock extended)
Gun length: 326 mm
Weight: 6,350 g (including empty magazine and battery)
Number of bullets: 1,000 rounds (included)
Power source: Ni-MH 8.4v AK (stick) battery *sold separately
(storage in RAS)

Equipped with shoot & recoil engine
Equipped with auto stop system
Equipped with a variable hop-up system
● Full auto (repeating) firing only

Squad Support Weapon Adopted by USSOCOM

Tokyo Marui's first squad support firearm model appears in next-generation electric guns!
A metal body with a total weight of about 6.3 kg, an unprecedentedly strong recoil, a belt link gimmick that creates a sense of presence, auto stop support for rapid fire magazines, and an electronic firing control system equipped with various sensors. It is a high-end model that has been particular about all gimmicks and textures.

"Major features"
Equipped with a shoot and recoil engine: By pulling the trigger, the weight is activated at the same time as the shot is fired, and the intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. In addition, it adopts an auto-stop system that stops the firing operation when the magazine is empty. It is a model that pursues the reality of operation and operability.
- Belt link gimmick: Pull out the belt link from the magazine set in the main body, open the feed cover of the main body and set the belt link. The belt link with metal dummy cartridges moves as if it were feeding in conjunction with the firing operation.
●Detachment of the barrel: When replacing the battery, detach the barrel together with the inner barrel. The inner barrel is a split type, and when the barrel is removed, part of the inner barrel and the chamber remain on the main body side.
● Sight adjustment: The rear sight can be adjusted up, down, left and right using the same procedure as the real thing. The front sight can be adjusted vertically.
Equipped with FET: The load on the switch section is reduced by adopting FET (electronic switch method). In addition, it is equipped with sensors such as the trigger function OFF when the barrel is attached and detached and the feed cover is opened, the auto stop system that detects the remaining bullets in the rapid-fire magazine and stops operation, and the LED indicator that displays the FET and battery status.
- Luxurious accessories: Comes with a dedicated bipod that reproduces the round cross section. The legs can also be folded. A 1000 denier nylon carrying case is also included for convenient storage and transportation. Two original patches are also included.
-Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the muzzle flash hider, you can attach a 14mm reverse screw muzzle option such as a silencer.
● Box-type rapid-fire magazine: Comes with a box-type magazine with 1,000 bullets and an electric wind-up.
・Minor scratches, mold parting lines, and uneven paint that are not part of the initial defects are not eligible for replacement. Please note that this can happen to all products.